Thursday, 16 December 2010

Unii Palette review

Anything in my early morning beauty routine that shaves a few dozen seconds so that I may savour a few more precious moments cocooned inside my warm cozy duvet is a winner with me.
I was eager to find a palette that would hold my few daily essentials but I had not seen many, and the two products I had seen were just not right for me, either being too flimsy, or too structured so I wouldn’t be able to fill it with the products I wanted.
Then I learned of the existence of the Unii Palette.

Sturdy, wipeable, not too big for me to shove into my handbag without it weighing me down, but not too small for it to store the required products.  And available in a range of pretty colours!
Now, I must stress that I don’t have a huge or even medium to large makeup collection.  My make up bag before discovering fabulous Muhsine’s and adorable Milly’s blogs left something to be desired, to say the least!  And this included a frosted white No. 7 eye shadow that I purchased when I was 16 (ten whole years previously!), that for some reason I’d hoarded away but still had barely touched!  Eeeewww!
A change was well overdue!
The Unii website was great – clear, well-explained, easy to navigate and supported with bright pictures. 
The Unii Palette can store not just one but multiple brands of make-up: Mac, Bobbi Brown, Stila etc.  I love how it doesn’t limit you to a brand or a certain size product.  It uses magnets to store your makeup pans so they don’t fall out, contains a large mirror which is handy for when you’re on the go, has a thumb grip that you can place wherever you want, and a rubberised seal to prevent leaks.  An adhesive magnetic sheet with writable labels is also provided with each palette.
I quickly realised that I would not be content with just one palette – however would I decide upon just one colour when there was a choice of six and I wanted them all?  After much deliberation, I selected Lemongrass (greeny-yellow colourway), Eggplant (dark purple) and Pomegranate (pinky-red) with the intention of the latter being a birthday present for my best friend.  Nearly 3 months later, I still haven’t given the palette to her, as I am extremely reluctant to let it out of my clutches (aren’t I selfish?!).

Unii's newly launched colourway is the gorgeously dark Coal... I tell ya girlies, I would not be disappointed if Santa decided I was a naughty lass in 2010 and left me a this lump of Coal in my stocking!
The palettes’ packaging is well thought out, and when I viewed the video on the website, I was amazed by the amount of work that went into just the shape of the box!  Instructions on depotting for the use of the Unii palette were also included on this box – eco-friendly me was glad there was no excessive packaging (ignoring the airmiles the Palettes had clocked up on their journey to me :-S  Ooops)
A newbie at depotting, I was keen to give it a go.  I prepared my working area rather naively with a single sheet of the Daily Mirror; I had underestimated my powers of destruction.  What a mess.  On my cream carpet!  Eeeeeeeek! 
2 broken bronzers and 4 shattered eyeshadows later… Tadaaaaa!

My 2 palettes complete but not quite as pretty and uniformed as the palettes I aspire to:

(Pics taken from Unii "what's in your Unii" gallery)

I intend to use the Pomegranate (pink) palette when my make up collection expands:

I have since bought Urban Decay’s Naked palette which I looooooove – there is no way (and no need) for me to attempt to depot that.  I’m hoping to collect the remaining colours sometime in the future – Twilight, Snow and Coal.
Final verdict?  I’ve had them almost 3 months now and I’m super impressed with the quality and design of the palettes.  Durable and colourful, I wouldn’t be without it, I use my Lemongrass one everyday - it has my Boing concealer, my Loreal Infalliable pressed powder and various eyeshadows, mainly from my Too Faced Natural Eyes Kit.  My eggplant also has the concealer and powder but holds darker eyeshadows so I try to remember to pop this into my bag if I'm going out for the evening or just out and about at the weekend when I wear more makeup.  The palette fits perfectly in my bathroom cabinet, but also looks great when I pull it out of my bag for touchups.  You can even store eyeliners or slim brushes inside.  The Hubby even commented on the difference in time it takes me to put on my face before work (not that I wear much) – it takes me about 2-3 mins to quickly apply my essentials.  I no longer have to faff about opening and closing different products as they’re now all in the same place (bar my Garnier Concealer Roll-on and my mascara).
I am very happy I invested in these!
The Unii palette is priced at $29 each / $56 for two / $27 for three.  You can pay via PayPal which I found useful, but you can also checkout through Google or Amazon.  It’s available in 6 different colours.

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