Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I wish...

...I had learned how to do a fishtail plait in my hair before I got it all chopped off last month!

They're very boho, I love them!  I think they would work better on longer hair - and I had almost waist length hair until last month when I had 6 inches chopped off! 

Are they very difficult to do?

I watched a few YouTube videos and discovered FoxyLocksExtensions - she does fab tutorials, and is super stunning!

Diane Kruger's hair in the last picture doesn't look very long - I may be able to have a go in several weeks!


  1. I saw this post and never got around to commenting till today. I used to fishtail hair for girls here in the U.S. back in school for the dance team. I started on a friend who was on the team one day in class and man it just took off. It's funny too see it in style again.