Saturday, 19 February 2011

4 days and counting...

I must spend 3 weeks every month, browsing ASOS, ebay and various online stores looking at all the pretty dresses, shoes, bags etc I can't afford but vow to get once I've been paid.  Then the highly anticipated day arrives and do I get everything I've been hankering after?  Hell no...  I'd have to be a highly paid executive to fund my shopping habit.  I end up getting a few pieces that ultimately do not excite me.  What is up with that?! 

Here are the bags I've been oohing and ahhing over this evening (and no I don't work for Dorothy Perkins!):

Ochre chain cross body bag
This sunny ochre chain cross body purse - I also have strong urges to buy it in all the other colours: berry red, green, and camel!  18 pounds is a bit of a steal but maybe not when you multiply it by four!

Berry chain cross body bagGreen chain cross body bagCamel chain cross body bag

Coral twist lock bag
Coral Twist Lock Bag (also with a chain to be worn across the body)

Cream and coral twist lock bag
Cream & Coral Twist Lock Bag

Blue croc twist lock bag
Blue Croc Twist Lock Bag (again, with a chain to be worn across the body - sense a theme??)

Ok, a different style:
Coral tab corner clutch bag
Coral Tab Corner Clutch Bag - this is oversize and I'm a big fan of oversize bags and clutches as I read a while ago that the bigger the bag, the smaller you look.  I need all the help I can get, especially when I go out with my super slim friends!  I do see some logic in it though, with the proportions - I can hide my belly behind a large clutch and a tiny wrist purse is only going to make me look larger.  I have a couple of Dorothy Perkins oversize clutches and I love them so I think this will be number three in my collection.  Adore the coral colour and suspect it will be used often in the summertime!


  1. gorgeous bags! i love the twist lock ones especially!

    nice blog :)