Monday, 8 November 2010

My style icon's new book!

Ooooh!  I'm so excited!  I've just spotted this on Amazon - I didn't even know she'd done this book! 

I loooove Lauren's style!  She wears gorgeous clothes that I can only dream about (due to my small amount of change forever in my purse and my large waistline!) and seems to suit everything!  I am a big Hills fan and this is "right up my street!" (to quote Cheryl Cole in her Geordie accent!).  I  frequently make a passing comment about a top or dress that I see whilst shopping with The Hubby that it's similar to something Lauren has worn (usually French Connection as she does wear that brand often, but sometimes Kookai and the other day H&M).  And the biggest compliment I think I've actually accepted from him is that I "look very Lauren today"!

She seems to favour block colours, especially mid-dark blue.  Personally I thought she looked awesome when she stepped out of her comfort zone both on the episode when the Hills posse threw her a birthday party on a boat and the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and she rocked a darker look complete with red lippy:

I've never bought anything from Lauren's line though.  If they were more widely available over here, I would probably succumb but even without the extortionate shipping fees, they seem a tad overpriced for basic jersey dresses.  What do you think?  Am I wrong?

Favourite Lauren Conrad dress:

Love the shape and fit of the dress, love the mustard yellow shade, love how she's teamed it with a simple tan belt and tan heels (not seen), love the simple gold jewellery, love the tan, love the hair... Love, love, LOVE IT ALL!

Anyway, back to the book...

I was originally going to look at the reviews of her second novel, Sweet Little Lies.  I read her first one, LA Candy, earlier in the year and wasn't very impressed, to be honest.  And you may have gathered from the above that I am a big Lauren fan so that confession was hard to admit!  But I am entirely aware that it is very likely that she didn't actually write the book, that some unnamed person actually penned it, basing it largely on the early Hills storylines and that Lauren just had to pout for the cover photo and do the PR for it!

In addition to the Style book, I also discovered that there is even a third novel, Sugar and Spice.  "Lauren" has been busy!  Hmmm...

But, who am I kidding, I'm probably going to buy them all anyway!

Can't wait to get this Style book!  Apparently, Lauren "offers tips on exactly how to create your own beautiful, unique look – ensuring you look your gorgeous best for every occasion, without breaking the bank.".  I will be savouring each word and picture!  If I can absorb just a teeny ounce of Lauren's style from the pages of this book, I will be happy!  I've even bought a second one for my best friend as she's a big Hills fan as well.

(obsessed much?!)

Will keep you posted!

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  1. I love Lauren Conrad so much, she's my style icon!
    Thanks for your comment hun, don't worry about your layout it looks fab- it takes a long time to learn how to 'read' HTML- I took ICT at school and that gave me quite a good understanding, but there are some fab ready made layouts out there for you to choose from!
    Good luck with your blog sweetie xx