Saturday, 13 November 2010

Forever 21 UK and general clothes haul!

At the beginning of the year, my fiance-now-husband and I flew to New York for 5 days, fully expecting to spend a fortune in supposedly THE fashion capital of the world.  After 3 days of flicking through rail after rail of dull-as-dishwater middle-aged or market stall quality clothes, and eagerly peeking round each block corner hoping to find a store that excited me, I found Forever 21.  The only decent high street shop I could find, other than the usual H&M, Gap etc that I could find at home.  It was fab!  And affordable!  My suitcase could finally be filled!

So I was thrilled to discover that Forever 21 was opening a store in Birmingham, UK on my birthday weekend, when I had already planned a shopping trip to that very city! 

Once I had navigated my way out of Selfridges, after a getting momentarily distracted and pausing at the Mac counter, I raced excitedly to the new store location in the Bullring.  Oooooooh so pretty!

Adorned with chandeliers, this light and airy shop is HUGE!  3 floors of lovely tops, dresses, jumpers, leggings, shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery...  Luckily they were handing out large shopping bags so that us girlies could comfortably toss in the many items that would weigh us down!

For the first time in years, it did cross my mind that it's lucky that I'm not a slender size 10 - as I probably would have wanted to buy the entire shop, I have no self control - I see, I like, I want!  Here's what I picked up from the regular section:

Forever 21 Wooly Leggings with Silver Flecks- £20.80

Forever 21 Long Length Jumper with Gold Sequinned Cap Sleeves - £22.80
Forever 21 Adore Vest Top - £14.80
Forever 21 Black Sparkly Drape Cardigan - £27.80

Forever 21 Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt - £22.80

 Elsewhere I also bought:
Vero Moda - £7
H&M Gold Jumper - £24.99

H&M Silky Shorts - £14.99

I'm planning to wear the H&M gold jumper with the above shorts and these boots:
Priceless Shoes Nude Lace Up Boots - £25

And if you were starting to think: This girl has no colour in her wardrobe!

Jane Norman Grecian Dress - £30

H&M Green T-Shirt - £7.99
I love bright colours but don't tend to wear them together, it's usually 1 vibrant item mixed with black/grey, hence the mainly dark items!

In Forever 21, I also picked up a couple of hairbands and a string of dusky pink pearls that will match my favourite earrings at the moment - gold & dusky pink pearl dangly ones.  I plan to wear these with my gold H&M jumper, silky shorts & nude boots.

I have to admit, it wasn't all great.  Unfortunately the corner of Plus Size at Forever 21 wasn't "all that"; Hubby didn't seem all that inspired by the men's section and I was disappointed to learn that there was no Home section as I'd seen some pretty cake stands and home items filled with sparkling accessories.  But hey, you can't have everything!

Did any of you girlies do any shopping today?  Have you visited a Forever 21 shop?  If so, what did you think?

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  1. I just finished donating a bunch of clothes away actually not that long ago. I've had so many items I've just no longer worn that they needed to be given to better homes.